Random Foreign Babe of the Day: Laure Manaudou

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Random Foreign Babe of the Day: Laure Manaudou: "Let’s face it: If you don’t appreciate our Random Foreign Babe of the Day, Laure Manaudou, then you just don’t appreciate real women. She’s the perfect athlete — strong, powerful, and at the same time, sexy as hell. Laure is a French Olympic, world and European champion swimmer, which means she’s beaten a hell of a lot of people in her young time, and she’s only just turned 21! That means she’ll be beating the crap out of a lot more people in the pool for a long time coming. Compared to Laure, I have to say that Amanda Beard looks practically plain by comparison. Now if only Laure will start with the men’s magazine appearances already. But until then, these will have to do."


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