Lin Jing Shan Is Taiwan 3P Sex Games Girl (Picture)

Lin Jing Shan Is Taiwan 3P Sex Games Girl (Picture): "Lin Jing Shan (林静珊), pictured above, is a 20-year-old girl from Taiwan. Lin Jing Shan and former boyfriend Xie Xin Long (谢欣龙), 27, had repeatedly solicited Feng Chia University student surnamed Yan to engage in 3P sex games. Each time Xie took the threesome pictures and videos. When Lin and Xie got to know Yan is the only child in his family, the pair contemplated to extort from Yan's mother. As a result, they did extort NT$300000 for the three's last sex orgy on Oct 14, 2007. Lin Jing Shan and Xie Xin Long were arrested after Yan's mother who was extorted again at the end of that year lodged a report to the police."

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