Lil Wayne shot: Lil Wayne shot himself (photo)

Lil Wayne shot: Lil Wayne shot himself (photo): "Lil Wayne shot himself when he was 12 years old. One day, Lil Wayne returned home from buying his favorite fast food meal. Wayne sat on his mother’s bed in the master bedroom to watch TV and eat his chow. Suddenly, the glint of a handgun caught his eye. The weapon was left there by his mother’s friend when he came over to watch a ball game on TV the day before.

Wayne fiddled with the firearm. It was like having something forbidden. Wayne almost forgot the pleasure of his food. He was starting to enjoy handling the gun when suddenly, he felt something explode in his ear. Almost simultaneously, he felt like someone knocked the wind out of him.

Lil Wayne shot himself accidentally. He crawled to his home telephone and dialed 911. Wayne had difficulty talking. The cops came but there were no available ambulances to take him to hospital. One of the cops took the decision to send him to the nearest hospital in their squad car."


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