The Fastest Green And Yellow In The World

The Fastest Green And Yellow In The World: "There are northern and southern Bedouin tribes in the Israeli. The ones in the industrialized north have melted into the Israeli Arab society. and the ones in the south have not.

About 160,000 Bedouins are living in the south. “Do they live in tents?” someone asks, a romanticized image of this once-nomadic people in mind. The reality is quite different.

Half have chosen to live in government-“recognized” villages, where they get electricity, running water and schools. The other half live in their own villages, a word that hardly describes the clusters of shacks you glimpse by the side of the road or off in a distant field.

Men have more than one wife, typically two or three. Sixty-five percent marry first or second cousins. Each wife averages eight to nine children. By age 50, a man could have 300-plus grandchildren."


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