Five Reasons Looper Is This Years Smartest Sci Fi Movie| E! Online

Five Reasons Looper Is This Years Smartest Sci Fi Movie| E! Online: In Looper's year 2074, time machines exist, but they're quickly outlawed. The only folks who still have access to them? Organized crime bosses, natch. And these bad boys have a very specific use for them. They enlist young men in the past (still our future 2044) for contract kills because apparently, in the future's future, it's next to impossible to dispose of a body. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is one such a hit man, aka a looper. Bruce Willis also plays Joe, but he's "Old Joe," or the Joe 30 years older than JGL's Joe. Still with us? When a looper's time as a gun for hire is up, the much older gunman needs to be retired and the mob accomplishes this by thoughtfully sending back the older assassin to be whacked to "close the loop." And no surprise, when it's time for Old Joe to hang up his looper hat, he ain't having it. Looper is the best sci-fi film in years—it's taut, yet overflowing with ideas. The third feature from writer/director Rian Johnson also stars Emily Blunt and Jeff Daniels. It's definitely a must-see, but better than that, you'll feel smarter after watching.


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