Gordon Ramsay to set up shop in Singapore?

SINGAPORE – Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is looking to open a restaurant right here at Chinatown’s Keong Saik Road, according to a post by 8 Days.

The magazine reported today (Oct 4) that owners of two separate Keong Saik Road eateries told 8 Days that the celebrity chef is “hunting for a space in the area”.

Makan guru KF Seetoh - who hosted the SingTel hawker food challenge when Ramsay was in town – has confirmed the rumours.

He allegedly told 8 Days: “Yes Gordon is looking to set up shop in Keong Saik. There are many parties interested in working with him on this, but I can’t say whom. The project might take a couple of years though, and he should stick to what he knows best: Western. Don’t try anything funny like chwee kueh with bolognaise sauce. It might work in London but not here.”

Gordon Ramsay to set up shop in Singapore?


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