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Coping with chronic illness in a marriage | The Online Citizen: I read with much interest Prof Lee Wei Ling’s article, “Living a life with no regrets” (Sunday Times Oct 23, 2011). It was a heart-warming article and I’m touched by her love and care for her 88-year-old dad whose energy level has been lowered because of age .

If we show love and compassion for a loved one who is not in the pink of health, God will bless us – in more ways than one.

Chronic illnesses can also see couples fall apart when a spouse who could be the primary caregiver, can no longer carry the responsibility of caring for his stricken loved one. Besides the illness taking a toll on the caregiver, there are also money problems such as mounting medical bills, loss of key social support that can contribute to lower marital satisfaction. The caregiver must not only slog to bring home the bacon, he must also do all the errands, the housework and whatever is necessary to care for his/her spouse. I am in this predicament, but I live with no regrets .

Caregiving for the chronically ill is an enormous burden and often both partners, isolated from the world, take out their frustrations on one another. And when they can no longer deal with this extremely difficult situation, divorce seems the only solution.


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